104th Entry - Aircraft Apprentices
30th Anniversary Dinner - 5th April 1996



30 Years after Pass Out - 5th April 1996

It is with thanks to Mike Strange and Pete Oliver that a majority of the entry met again to celebrate 30 years since pass out. The original pass out dinner was held at the Royal Hotel in Weston on April 5th 1966 and it was in the same room that we all had dinner again on April 5th 1996, thirty years to the day.

Twenty seven of the entry attended the reunion (see the nominal roll), all looking a bit more mature and with a variety of RAF careers behind us.

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The 30th Dinner

The Royal Hotel

L to R John Toomer, Roger Smith and Nick Zeagler

L to R Mike McCarthy, John Toomer and Roger Smith

L to R Fred Heath, Charlie Crofton

L to R Mike McCarthy, Bryn Neal, Dick Burchal, Mike Strange and Bob Downes

L to R Ron Wells, Pete Harry (in background), Charlie Crofton, Pete Badcock (background)

L to R Pete Badcock, John Toomer, background - Ian Sinkinson, John Sutherland

Front Right - John Brady, Rear - Mark Hewitt, Right - Ian Sinkinson