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A collection of RAF Locking Reviews from the period of time when the 104th were at RAF Locking. Thanks to John Sutherland, Chas Crofton and Mike Strange for keeping these documents safe and for converting to PDF files.

We would like to include the more Locking Reviews. If you have copies not included here or know where they can be found, please get in touch using the email form.

Did you know that the reference library in Weston-Super-Mare holds many copies of the Locking Review and Ken Toogood (79th Entry) has kindly catalogued the editions held: View the catalogue here.

Click the images below to open a PDF copy. It is recommended that a broadband rather than a dial-up connection is used as the files are large (1Mb to 1.5Mb).

Pete Harry

1962 1963 1964 1965 1966
    Spring 1964
   97th Entry Passing Out
Spring 1965
   100th Entry Passing Out
Spring 1966
   103rd Entry Passing Out
The Summer 1962 edition of the Locking Review is Vol 1 No. 1. It is not known if there was a station magazine before this date. Could anyone who knows otherwise please email. PDH  
Summer 1962
    92nd Entry Passing Out
Summer 1963
    95th Entry Passing Out
Summer 1964
   98th Entry Passing Out
Summer 1965
   101st Entry Passing Out
Summer 1966
   104th Entry Passing Out

Courtesy of Colin Walker
Autumn 1962
    93rd Entry Passing Out
Autumn 1963
    96th Entry Passing Out
Autumn 1964
   99th Entry Passing Out
Autumn 1965
   102nd Entry Passing Out

Courtesy of Colin Walker