104th Entry - Aircraft Apprentices
Wing (Re)Organisation and Hat Bands




For the first year all brats wore a Green hatband signifying JES (Junior Entry Squadron). After the first year even numbered entries went into A Squadron (Blue Hatband) and odd numbered entries into B Squadron (Light Grey hatbands). After the Apprentice Wing reorganisation (see below) A Squadron retained the blue hatband while B Squadron used the green hatband. The green hatband was not popular due its previous association with the JES.


In December 1965 the most unpopular decision regarding apprentice training was made (as far as apprentices were concerned). The decision was made to split each entry into two - one half into each squadron, A and B. We were told that this was because the mix of very large entries (100 plus) and the newer small entries (like the 104th) meant an uneven size in the squadrons, making it 'unfair' for sporting events etc. A VERY UNPOPULAR DECISION! It was also believed that the dividing of entries was a move to stop the culture of 'senior entryism'.

As a result of entries being divided in two and allocated to different squadrons the powers that be recognised the unrest that it caused. Below is the letter sent to parents and guardians breaking the news.

Only one term to go and this happens!

New Apprentice Wing Structure - December 1965

Initial Entry Flight - Each entry spends one term in the IEF before being divided between A and B Squadrons.

A Squadron - (Sqd Ldr Hudson)
H, F and I Flights

B Squadron - (Sqd Ldr Tehan)
?,? and M Flights

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