104th Entry - Aircraft ApprenticesThe 104th



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The 104th Entry - Summer 1963


  The 104th Entry - Autumn 1965

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Directing Staff 1963 (in above Photo)

Flt Sgt
'Ben' Burley
Plt Off
Sqn Ldr
K J Salisbury
Flt Lt
Mick Cawley
Mick Maloney

Other Directing Staff
Flt Lt George Palmer
Cpl 'Ginge' Melville

Teaching Staff
Mr 'Chalky' White - Radio Priciples
Mr 'Gertie' Lunt - Tech Drawing and Maths
Diesel Dan - Hidden in the depths of the Bellman hanger
The 'Admiral' - Ex Navy guy who become a Flt Lt in 3T. Still talked as though he was in the Navy!