104th Entry - Aircraft Apprentices
Summer Camp



Two photo's from Terry with his comments below. If anyone can add details (yes that's you Ron) please drop me an email or use the email form on this site. - Pete H.

(TC1) 104th's Block - L to R Paul Deffee, Richard Clark, Tony Aldridge, and Terry Clowes.

(TC2) Ron's Nightie! - L to R Mick Hall, Terry Clowes, Ron Wells, John Brady, Pete Jeffrey.

(TC1) 104th's Block - Appears to have been taken outside one of the blocks before we set off on an exercise somewhere. L to R Paul Deffee, Richard Clarke, Tony Aldridge, Terry Clowes.

(TC2) Ron's Nightie - If my memory serves me right this was taken after a night ramble on the Mendips and Ron claimed to have found his rather fetching nightie on a gatepost somewhere near Cheddar. Personally I have always had my doubts and I suspect it was Ron trying to wear appropriate gear for a night exercise but forgetting to remove it before dawn!!!! L to R Mick Hall, Terry Clowes, Ron Wells, John Brady, Pete Jeffrey.

Summer Camp on Exmoor. Ten days of the adventurous life! Summer 1965.


Out on the moors. L to R Ken Seago, George Howe, Roger Smith, Chas Crofton, Vince Kerr.

Hunters Inn. After the coach ride!! Chas Crofton and Vince Kerr.

Chas Crofton in pin-up pose!

Roger Smth (Smithy) a classical study.

Parracombe from Brendon Two Gates.

Chas Crofton attacking Vince Kerr!

George Howe and Vince Kerr. George is obviously carrying the tent!

Ready for the 3 tonner trip back to Locking.