104th Entry - Aircraft Apprentices
Pass Out Parade 5th April 1966



The 104th's pass out parade. Disappointment as rain forced an indoor parade in 3T Block
More photos taken during of the Pass Out party at the Royal Hotel

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Nearest: Pete Challingsworth and John Toomer. John Brady and Paul Deffee with Reviewing Officer.

Nearest: Nick Ziegler with Roger Smith in the background.

Parade Commanders: Pete Frost and John Brady.

Only minutes from pass out! SAA Pete Badcock gets the once over.

AA Harry - middle rank, nearest

FSAA Paul Deffee leads the entry on the march past.

General Salute - Taken by Air Vice Marshal Sir Thomas Shirley

A proud LAA Mike Strange. Was it just three years!

Mike Strange with his parents outside the Apprentice Mess on Pass Out