104th Entry - Aircraft Apprentices
Photo Gallery - Social and Pass Out Party


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A collection of entry photos provided by Chas Crofton, John Sutherland and Fred Heath.

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The  Apprentice Pass (Courtesy of John Sutherland)



The 104th's 'Group'

(CC1) L- R John Brady, Chas Crofton, Vince Kerr and Pete Frost.

Wing Shooting Team (Photos courtesy of John Sutherland)

(JS1) Apps Wing Shooting Team. Taff Hewitt front left. Note: John Sutherland should have been in this photo but was laid up in SSQ.



(FH1) George Howe & wife (Is it also Bob Downes and Liz?)

(FH2) Ken Seago & Fred Heath at play.

(FH3) From L to R: Mick Ranger, Pete Frost, Ron Wells & Vince Kerr - on the razzle.

Pass Out Party
These photos were taken in the Royal Hotel, Weston-Super-Mare on the occasion of the 104th's Pass Out.

(FH4) From L to R: Dick Clark, dicip NCO Cpl Cross, Jim Palmer, Terry Clowes, Peter Oliver* & Bob Downs at the pass out party

(FH5) Geoff & Nola (Venton) at the pass out party

(FH6) L to R back row: John Toomer, Ron Wells, Ken Seago & Pete Challingsworth with Grace Hall** at the pass out party.

(FH7) From L to R: Brian Godfrey, Brian Cottle, Terry Clowes, dicip NCO Cpl Cross, Pete Jeffery & Mark Hewitt at the pass out party

(FH8) Roger Smith and Jennifer Brown at the pass out party

* Pete Oliver is with his parents - Fred and Dorothy Oliver. Fred is no longer with us but Dorothy is going strong at 92, (as of Jan 2006).
Grace Hall came from Wookey (near Wells).