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A collection of entry photos provided by Mike Strange and Mike Humphrey.

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(PH1) Pete Harry - Outside the hut, June 1963

(PH2) Pete Harry - Official pose! The 'Spit on a Stick', June 1963

(JS3) A well practiced 'boot buller' - John Sutherland.

(MS1) L to R, Terry Clowes, Jim Palmer (lurking) Mick Hall, Brian Cottol

(MS2) L to R, Chas Crofton, Taff (Mark) Hewitt

(MS3) L to R Mick Humphrey, Tony Elkin (Mike H thinks these are two from the 106th)

(MS4) Pete Harry - In his bed space (pit)

(MS5) Barrack Room - Note shine on floor!

(MS6) Full Kit Inspection (Too good to be mine! PH)

(MS7) Jim Palmer

(MS8) Mike Strange

(MS9) Brian Godfrey

(MS10) L to R Jim Palmer, John Sutherland, Ron Wells, Ian Sinkinson, Pete (Paddy) Oliver, 102nd LA*

(MS11) L to R Mike Strange, Roger Smith, Mick (Tich) Humphrey, Bryn Neale, Nick Ziegler, Jim Palmer, Mick Ranger, Pete Oliver, Ken Seago

(MS12) L to R Pete Jeffrey, Ron Wells, Ian Sinkinson, Pete (Chuck) Challingsworth, Vince Kerr, Brian McCarthy (on bed)

(MS13) Bryn Neale - So where's my bed frame! Taken in the wooden hut.

(MS14) Bryn Neale - In the block this time.

(MS15) Barrack room with a view - Spot the FPS6!

(MS16) Another view!

(MS17) L to R John Toomer, Terry Clowes, Dick Burchall, Mick Hall, Mark Hewitt, Vince Kerr

(MS18) Nick Zeigler

(MS19) AN-FPS6 - The Nodding Horror

* John Sutherland has added the following info to go with this photo: 'On the extreme right is our 'hook' from 102nd Entry. He & I both lost our charge 'virginity' at the same time as I was his first charge and he was mine. I got three days'! John has yet to let us know what he got three days for.

The following photos kindly provided by Mike Humphrey

(MH21) Terry Clowes

(MH22) Barrack Room

(MH23) View over the parade ground

(MH24) Brian Burke

(MH25) Brian Burke

(MH26) Brian Burke

(MH27) Brian Burke

(MH28) Brian Burke

(MH29) Mike McCarthy

(MH30) Bryn Neale

(MH31) Bryn Neale

(MH32) Bryn Neale

(MH33) Bryn Neale

(MH34) Bryn Neale

(MH35) Bryn Neale

(MH36) Chas Crofton and CA Graham Doney from 102nd? (I was with Graham at RAF Newton. Graham was an LCP instructor, I was a Type 86 instructor - PH).

(MH37) Vince Kerr?

(MH38) Fred Heath, Tony Elkin

(MH39) Fred Heath

(MH40) George Howe

(MH41) George Howe

(MH42) George Howe

(MH43) Geoff Venton and 'Juicy' Lemon

(MH44) Our 'H' Block

(MH45) Ian Sinkinson

(MH46) Chas Crofton or is it James Dean!

(MH47) John Sutherland

(MH48) John Toomer and George Howe

(MH49) John Toomer and Jim Palmer

(MH50) Ken Seago and Mick Ranger

(MH51) Ken Seago

(MH52) Life in the Block

(MH52) Mike McCarthy

(MH53) Mike Humphrey

(MH54) Mike Humphrey

(MH55) Mick Ranger in the Study Room

(MH56) Mick Ranger

(MH57) Mick Ranger

(MH58) Mike Strange

(MH59) Mike Strange

(MH60) Nick Zeigler

(MH61) View acroos the sports field to the 'old' junior entries mess

(MH62) Pete Badcock, Chas Crofton

(MH63) Pete (Paddy) Oliver

(MH64) Paddy Oliver and Vince Kerr?

(MH65) Mike Humphrey

(MH66) Sandy Buckel

(MH67) John Sutherland and Mike Humphrey

(MH68) Tony Aldridge and John Brady

(MH69) Tony Elkin

(MH70) A view from the block

(MH71) Looking towards the band block.

(MH72) Vince Kerr