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From a collection of entry photos provided by Mike Strange and John Sutherland.

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Possibly a Saturday Morning Parade Rehearsal - Winter 1964/65?
These are fairly self-explanatory but I'm not sure of the dates. In the one of people coming back into the block we are wearing battle dress but with SD caps. Possibly some sort of rehearsal. You can clearly recognise Ron Wells with Mick Strange and Nick Zeigler behind them. Behind them are George Howe and possibly Vince. (JS)

(JS107) Apprentice Band marches off.

(JS207) Parade Over

Back off Parade - 1965?
These individual photos of Vince and me were obviously taken at another time as we're wearing No. 1's. (JS)

(JS307) John Sutherland. Demonstrating how smart we all were once!

(JS407) John Sutherland. A 303 dates us a bit!

(JS507) Vince Kerr. Fag at the ready!

Possibly a Drill Competition - 1964 (Winter)?

(JS2) Drill competition. Brain Burke nearest.

(MS31) A wet and windy day but the drill competition goes ahead.

(MS32) John Brady an LAA - Winter/Spring 1964?

(MS33) So who's getting a medal!!

(MS34) Another drill competition. Blue hat bands, is it summer 1965?