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Press Release from Controlled Demolition Group

RAF Locking is to be cleared for redevelopment by the joint owners of the site, the South West RDA and national regeneration agency English Partnerships. Controlled Demolition Group was awarded a £2.4m contract to carry out the work which will involve demolishing the buildings on the 81 hectare site as well as safely removing asbestos. Up to 80% of material will be recycled including concrete, masonry, steel, timber and glass. Concrete and other materials will be crushed and stored on site for later use.

Controlled Demolition Group managing director Darren Palin said: “This is a fantastic job for us, there’s plenty to get our teeth into not just because of the scale of the site but the range of disciplines we will be employing. “We will have a combined demolition force of over 40 men plus a comprehensive armoury of medium and long reach demolition machines on site. “Our asbestos teams will be removing asbestos contaminated materials from over 50 individual buildings, external pipe ducts and trenches - but before we start we’ll be erecting over 500 m of new fencing to secure the site.”

The demolition finish early in 2004.

The 104th are there at the demise of 3T Block!

The following photos were taken by Chas during Nov/Dec 2003.  The main series of pictures show the demise of 3T .

Click the thumbnail for a bigger view.

Chas 'Supervising' at 3T.

3T - A final view. Only steelwork left.

Demolition crew arrive.

3T - All ready for the big push.

3T - Going.

3T - Gone and the dust flies.

3T - Roof at ground level!

Airmen's blocks.

A view from 5T.

4T from AMQ's.

View over the cricket pitch. The huts went 40 years ago.

Site of NAAFI shop.

Roundal Club.

Rubble on the square.

Flowerdown and Apps mess.

Site of 104th's block. (Was it M?)

All those 'full bull' nights for nothing.

A last drink. Chas in the Sgts Mess.

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