104th Entry - Aircraft Apprentices
Senior Entry Notes



The senior entry were given the privilege of writing a piece for the Locking Review in their last term. The following is extracted from the Locking Review, spring 1966.

"As the sun sinks slowly into the mud we prepare ourselves for a final goodbye to No 1 Radio School. Three years at an end, but it seems only a short time since our stay at Locking appeared to stretch to infinity.

During our stay at Locking we have seen numerous changes in No 1 Wing organisations but nothing so drastic as the change over to the split-entry. Nevertheless our Entry Spirit has continued undiminished. Before we leave we hope to be able to welcome another change on the Wing, namely the transformation of the camp quagmire (not 'F' Block). into a thriving Apprentices' Cub.

It will be apparent to anyone on the Wing that in the past term the 104th has acquired a fleet of fast, sleek, ultra modern automobiles, most notably Vince Kerr's Transport of Delight. We feel that here it would be appropriate to pay a tribute to our crack(?) driver, Buster Hall, now with three notches on his gear-lever. Details of convictions and pending court actions, together with a free copy of Buster's terrific book "How to be a car breaker without really trying", will be supplied on request.

The 104th is especially noted for the support given by its members to various clubs and hobby activities. Feeling the pinch at Easter when we leave wilt be the shooting, sailing. printing, photography and canoeing clubs. Possibly the club most supported by the l04th is the shooting club. SAA Frost, LAAs Hewitt and Wells, and AA Humphrey regularly representing the Wing. The fencing club will miss CAA McCarthy, and the Rugby Team is already missing the valuable support of LAA Clowes as the game has apparently got a little on top of him. He is never seen to venture far without his crutch these days. AA Harry has set the example in the Sailing Club by gaining his 'B' Class Helmsman's Certificate. Other members of the Entry hope to reach this standard before Pass-out.

At the time of writing we do not yet know the details of our postings, but we have in our number many applicants for overseas. with hoped for destinations ranging from Borneo to the Isle of Wight. However. whilst still here, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all who have helped, guided and taught us throughout the last nine terms, both in No 1 Wing and in the Technical B1ocks."

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