104th Entry - Aircraft Apprentices
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26/07/2009 RAF Locking Football Team. Weston Seniors Cup 1979 - 1980
26/07/2009 A new version of a  photo from the Raglan Arms. Courtesy of Fred Heath
12/04/2009 Autumn 1962 Locking Review. Courtesy of Colin Walker.
01/03/2009 Summer 1962 Locking Review. Courtesy of Colin Walker.
06/07/2008 RAF Locking 'Arrival Information Handbook', published November 1964
05/07/2008 Links to the RAF Air Defence Radar museum and the Defence Electronics History Society
05/07/2008 Plan of RAF Locking in 1964 from the 'Arrival Information Handbook'
22/06/2008 Date when the gates of RAF Locking were finally closed. Many thanks to Jerry Wright for this information.
22/04/2008 New web site on the plans for the RAF Locking site (Locking Parklands). Link in 'What Next for Locking'
21/04/2008 Photo of NCO aircrew trainees, April 1945. See Early Years
08/09/2007 Photo's of 10% of the entry at this years Great British Beer Festival
29/07/2007 Photo (courtesy of Derek Marshall) and additional information on the Canberra Gate Guardian
29/07/2007 Coming event notice the 'Great British Beer Festival'. Can you make it?
28/04/2007 Further information on the development of the site of RAF Locking
28/04/2007 Photo (courtesy of Derek Marshall) and additional information on the Meteor Gate Guardian
10/04/2007 Three copies of the RAF Locking Circuit station magazine (1974-75) available, Courtesy of Trevor Reynaert, 107th.
09/04/2007 Catalogue of Locking Reviews' held at Weston-Super-Mare reference library, Courtesy of Ken Toogood, 79th Entry.
25/02/2007 Photo's from Pete Oliver's 60th.
25/02/2007 Photos of the entry returning from a parade, plus John Sutherland and Vince Kerr, Courtesy of John Sutherland.
04/01/2007 Locking Review, Autumn 1962 added - well a link to it on the 100th's site.
01/01/2007 Two new photos from Terry Clowes on the Summer Camp page.
01/11/2006 English partnerships announce new name for the RAF Locking Site
28/10/2006 RAF Locking Christmas card from 1965. Courtesy of Alan Hood.
18/10/2006 Three new entries on the latest plans to develop the site of RAF Locking
16/10/2006 Reunion at Weston on the occasion of Pete Challingsworth's visit to the UK.
15/09/2006 Three photos of Pete Harry added to Entry Photos: 'On Camp' and 'Miscellaneous'.
06/08/2006 Reunion at the Great British Beer Festival. John Toomer, Mike Strange and Pete Harry
05/08/2006 The final edition of the station magazine, Airwaves. Courtesy of Mike Kenyon.
03/08/2006 PDF of the final layout of RAF Locking added. Courtesy of of Mike Kenyon.
09/07/2006 Locking Reviews in PDF format added. Courtesy of John Sutherland, Chas Crofton and Mike Strange.
17/06/2006 A Very interesting image of something that all Apps had to have? Courtesy of John Sutherland (JS3), (JS4)
17/06/2006 Another photo of the Apprentice Wing  Shooting Team added. Courtesy of John Sutherland  (JS2).
05/06/2006 Mystery photos added in the 104th's area.
07/05/2006 A report with photos of the 40th Anniversary weekend, 22/23 April 2006, (in the 104th's area).
07/05/2006 Photos of the site of RAF Locking taken in April 2006.
02/05/2006 Photos from the 104th's 40th anniversary social in Weston, main web site.
27/04/2006 Three aerial photos of the demolished RAF Locking. Courtesy of Graham Tonkinson and Bob Grant (ex 219).
26/04/2006 Photo of 'John Sutherland' to prove he did clean his boots, courtesy of John Sutherland.
26/04/2006 Additional photo of the 'Drill Competition', courtesy of John Sutherland.
26/04/2006 A photo of the Apps Wing shooting team featuring several of the 104th, courtesy of John Sutherland.
26/04/2006 A photo of the 104th's rock band, courtesy of Chas Crofton.
14/04/2006 A short film of RAF Locking (in the 104th's area).
05/04/2006  Photo of the FPS6 being dismantled, courtesy of Steve Wheeler.
30/03/2006 Over 70 new Photos added, courtesy of Mike Humphrey
29/03/2006 Three new photos from Pete Challingsworth added to 'Pass Out Photos'.
17/03/2006 'The Locking Forum' added to site.
05/03/2006 40th Anniversary of our Pass out. See the Social page.
04/02/2006 In the 104th Only section - Eagle Airways and Bloodhound.
19/01/2006 Photos of the Pass Out Party and socialising. Courtesy of Fred Heath.
30/12/2005 Photo of Gate Guardian Spitfire LA198 added. Courtesy of Dick Harcourt.
29/11/2005 Additional information added to the 'Wing Organisation', plus some additional caption information on photos.
09/11/2005 Several 'Directing Staff' names added to The 104th page
06/11/2005 Presentation of 'Home' page changed to include photo of Entry
06/11/2005 New page for 30th Anniversary dinner
06/11/2005 New page for 'Sporty' photos
06/11/2005 Additional items and links on 'What's Next for Locking' page
20/10/2005 Update to information on disposal of Gnat Gate Guardian and additional details on Spitfire MK356
06/03/2005 Press release possible compulsory purchase order on RAF Locking's church.
06/03/2005 Press release Planners safeguard trees at RAF Locking.
12/01/2005 Press release on possible use of  RAF Locking.
11/01/2005 New page for Miscellaneous photos added.
09/01/2005 New page for Summer Camp photos added.
09/01/2005 New page for photos of the 104th on parade added.
09/01/2005 Pass out photos added to and given their own page.
09/01/2005 Official 104th Entry photo taken in 1963 added.
09/01/2005 Press release added to Demolition of Locking page.
09/01/2005 Page on 5 School of Technical Training added.
31/10/2004 New page added showing an aerial shot of RAF Locking completely demolished.
31/10/2004 New page added dealing with the promotion of the Apprentice Wing mascot Heathers McCrackers..
31/10/2004 Two new photos added to 'At Home' photo gallery. The Apprentice mess.
31/10/2004 Three new photos added to 'Weston and Raglan Arms' photo gallery. 'On the front'.
29/10/2004 New photo gallery page added - several of the entry in the pub!
27/10/2004 New page added to show record of pass out standards archived by the 104th..
27/10/2004 Presentation changes to the Home page.
25/10/2004 First photo gallery added - life in and around the block.
09/09/2004 Added Locking's month of closure to Home page.
23/08/2004 Press release regarding an Open Day at RAF Locking -21st August 2004!
17/08/2004 Two news items from the Weston Mercury regarding Locking's church and 'tribute trees'.
26/07/2004 Added links to Barry Dinnage's and Jon Glew's pages on the 87th and 225th entries (Locking)
26/07/2004 Links added to the 74th and 203rd entries (Locking) web sites on the Links page.
26/07/2004 Entry Shield and Car Badge added to Insignia page.
26/07/2004 'Wheel' background added to home page.
26/07/2004 Additional detail on the 30th anniversary of pass out reunion..
08/07/2004 Additional details added RAF Locking Gate Guardians.
05/07/2004 Link added to the 222nd entry (Locking) web site on the Links page.
01/07/2004 Links added to the 83rd and 75th entries (Locking) web sites on the Links page.
30/06/2004 New page listing RAF Locking Gate Guardians. A summary of the aircraft used as guardians from 1961 to 1999.
30/06/2004 New page showing four apprentice progress reports sent to Pete Harry's parents.
30/06/2004 A translation for the entry motto and smaller hyperlinks on the home page.
30/06/2004 New page showing the letter re apprentice wing reorganisation sent to parents/guardians.
30/06/2004 New page recording some local coverage as to what will happen to the RAF Locking site.
30/06/2004 New page with a copy of the senior entry notes - Locking Review, spring 1966.